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I just picked up a pair yesterday(5/9/09)with out even listening to them.I am listening to them now(5/10/09) and sound like what I exspected them to be "GREAT'. I think there made in the same factory as the old Sansui SP2500's,SP3500's which I think sound great.I also own JAMO ORIEL's,Concert 11's,Martin Logans,Ess AMT1a's,Magnepan,Panasonic Technics SB7000,and Velodyne.If anyone needs info feel free to contact me, Mark at 480-255-5558,or .

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Kenwood KL-777 A prices at
Kenwood KL-777A LSB-9000D LSB-9100 LSP-9000D 15 Kenwood KL-777A LSB-9000D LSB-9100 LSP-9000D 15" Woofer Repair Kit # FSK-15A $22.45 6d 3h 57m
15 15" SPEAKER FOAM REPAIR KIT KENWOOD LSP-9100 LSP-9200 KL-777A LSB-9000D KL777A $12.95 20d 7h 7m
2 Kenwood 15 2 Kenwood 15" KL777A Speaker Foam Surround Repair Kit - LSB9000D, LSB9100 $24.95 11d 1h 15m
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