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DUAL 704 The Dual 704 was the top of the range model of the german manufacturer between 1977/1978. It was the half automatic version of the cs721. Both models were equiped with the top or the range Shure cartridge: the Shure V-15 typeIII.It were the only "direct drive" turntables dual proposed. In those days, there was severe competition from the japanese manufacturers; wich proposed direct drive turntables a lot cheaper. The 704 did cost 450€; in those days a months wage!

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Dual CS 704 Schwenkhebel Dual CS 704 Schwenkhebel $24.59 25d 7h 26m
Dual CS 704 Plattenspieler Direct Drive Dual CS 704 Plattenspieler Direct Drive $31.71 10 bids 1d 6h 17m
Dual CS 704 Ausschalthebel Dual CS 704 Ausschalthebel $22.00 25d 8h 16m
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